The Story behind Saint Expedite and his acceptance by the Catholic Church as a Saint.

The Story behind Saint Expedite and his acceptance by the Catholic Church as a Saint.

Saint Expedite is the patron for people who are in need of rapid solutions to their problems, who wish to avoid delays in their work, and who want financial success. His help is sought by those who want to overcome procrastination. His feast day is commemorated by the Roman Catholic Church on April 19.

Who was Saint Expedite?

It is believed that Saint Expedite was a Roman Centurion in the fourth century. That’s the reason why most of the images of Expedite show him dressed like a soldier. He learned about Christianity and left his polytheistic beliefs behind. He decided to convert to Christianity and devote his life to the new Christian faith. When he made this decision, the devil appeared before him in the form of a crow. The devil asked him to delay his decision of converting to Christianity until the next day. But, Expedite refused and firmly stated that he would become a Christian today. This is why images of Saint Expedite show him stepping on a crow which means he is killing procrastination. It gives a powerful message that the saint is crushing tomorrow and replacing it with today.

Devotion to St. Expedite spread rapidly within many catholic countries. It is said, St. Expedite was martyred sometime around April 303 AD in what is now Turkey. St. Expedite was accepted as a saint by the Catholic Church because pictures of him existed in Germany in the 18th century which plainly depicted him as a saint to be invoked against procrastination.

A thousand hymns to Glorious Expeditus,

Who shed his blood in Armenia,

Whose name was written in Heaven,

And gained the laurel of Martyrdom.

-Hymn to Saint Expedite

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