Easter is a day of celebration for Christians. They celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on this day. Easter is celebrated on a different date each year, depending on the date of the March equinox. On this day, Christians gather worldwide to attend church, to feast, and hunt Easter eggs.

Biblical Background

The tale of Easter makes up a significant aspect of Christian’s religious philosophy. As Good Friday marks the day of Jesus’s crucifixion, Easter Sunday is a day on which Christians celebrate his resurrection. The resurrection of Christ is very significant in Christian belief because of its association with salvation. Christians started celebrating Easter soon after the time of resurrection, which is believed to be occurred around 33 AD.


Church services are performed on Sunday following the typical church service tradition with sermons concerning the Easter story. Many churches hold mass or other services at sunrise. Some other traditions include:

  • The Easter egg hunt is the most common tradition that is followed on Easter. This tradition was originated with pagan spring festivals that celebrates fertility. This tradition features eggs hidden by the mythical Easter bunny, which also contain sweets and other gifts. People also use the hard-boiled eggs; children look for them to put in their Easter egg baskets. Most families decorate these eggs with paint to make them easier to find during hunting.
  • On Easter, people decorate churches with flowers. “Rebirth” is the most significant theme for Easter, which is symbolized by flowers. Some of the traditional flowers that are used for Easter are lilies, which is believed to be grown in the Garden of Gethsemane, which is the site of Jesus’s arrest. Some other flowers include red tulips, pussy willows, daffodils, and narcissuses.
  • Beside the tradition of hidden sweets in the Easter eggs basket, there is also a tradition of giving goodies to the children at the day’s beginning. The most common gift is a chocolate bunny which is always a children’s favorite!

There is a holiday on the day of Easter but every country around the world celebrates it differently. Italy holds reenactments of the Easter story held in the public squares. In Cyprus, bonfires are held in the yards of schools and churches. In Germany, eggs are set in trees, known as the Easter egg trees and they are similar to the Christmas tree. The Slovakia and Czech Republic have several other unique traditions.


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