King Solomon: The Most Powerful Wizard of the 10th Century.

King Solomon: The Most Powerful Wizard of the 10th Century.

“The Goetia – The Lesser Key of Solomon the King”, written by Crowley and Samuel Liddell Mac Gregor Mathers, this book is a modern translation of the life of King Solomon. It gives the information of what King Solomon practiced in his life and how he used magic for building the “Temple of Jerusalem”. According to the masons who wrote this book, ‘high magic’ enchantment is known as ‘theurgia’ and ‘low magic’ is called as ‘Goetia’. The Greek word ‘goetes’ means “magi or wizard”. Hence, the starter meaning of magic says, “Enchantment is the most astounding, outright, and most celestial learning of natural philosophy, progressed in its works and brilliant tasks by a correct comprehension of the internal and mysterious ideas of things; with the goal that genuine specialists being connected to legitimate patients, unusual and praiseworthy impacts will consequently be created.” (Quoted from ‘The Goetia – The Lesser Key of Solomon the King’.)

However, according to the Templars, ‘The Key of Solomon’ contain all the names, orders, and the and workplaces of all the spirits (Jinn) that Solomon with together with the seals and character belonging to each spirit and the way [or Innvocation] of calling them forward to visibly appear”. Besides this, the most consecrated riddles were revealed to Solomon.

The five books or “Codices contains the names of spirits/angels, each one has its very own seal in four altitudes and in 360 degrees of the zodiac and in the level of each sign and planet for each astrological sign. These heavenly books were found in Chaldean (Hebrew tongue), by a Jewish Rabbi and were later translated into Latin and Greek.

From these Codices, a total of five books, “Solomon’s holy writings contains instructions, meanings, and the symbols of:

  • The Magical Circle.
  • The Triangle of Solomon.
  • The Hexagram.
  • The Pentagram of Solomon.
  • The Magic Ring of Solomon.
  • The Vessel of Brass.
  • The Secret Seal.
  • Washing and Bathing & Ritual Preparation.
  • Conjuration of the Spirits (Jinn).
  • Exorcism of the Spirits.
  • Enochian Ritual/Chants.
  • The 99 Names of God and the manifestations of each name or spirit.
  • A detailed list of (Day) demons and (Night) demons in Astrological order.”

Following are the delineations of Solomon’s illustrations and formats of the seals. Note, in the Jewish Qabalah there are 72 seals. Conventional Islam has a more right number naming the 99 names of Allah, yet the Jews utilize 72.

Photograph of Wayne Herschel.

Full-color Geotic circle and Triangle.


To close this chapter of Solomon we can see where magic originated from. It originated from the hirelings of God. Enchantment was given to them to do rituals and to assist mankind to develop and make a better world. Indeed, even Moses had a magic Scepter and he utilized it to part the Red Sea. The Prophets Ezekiel and Elijah likewise addressed these spirits and so did Daniel. (Read Bible) Ezekiel saw the wheels.

It is tragic that man has adulterated this power and the genuine riddles of God. Are we humans are not been corrupted by money or the greed we may have to create the ideal world.

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