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Easter is a day of celebration for Christians. They celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on this day. Easter is celebrated on a different date each year, depending on the date of the March equinox. On this day, Christians gather worldwide to attend church, to feast, and hunt Easter eggs.

Biblical Background

The tale of Easter makes up a significant aspect of Christian’s religious philosophy. As Good Friday marks the day of Jesus’s crucifixion, Easter Sunday is a day on which Christians celebrate his resurrection. The resurrection of Christ is very significant in Christian belief because of its association with salvation. Christians started celebrating Easter soon after the time of resurrection, which is believed to be occurred around 33 AD.


Church services are performed on Sunday following the typical church service tradition with sermons concerning the Easter story. Many churches hold mass or other services at sunrise. Some other traditions include:

  • The Easter egg hunt is the most common tradition that is followed on Easter. This tradition was originated with pagan spring festivals that celebrates fertility. This tradition features eggs hidden by the mythical Easter bunny, which also contain sweets and other gifts. People also use the hard-boiled eggs; children look for them to put in their Easter egg baskets. Most families decorate these eggs with paint to make them easier to find during hunting.
  • On Easter, people decorate churches with flowers. “Rebirth” is the most significant theme for Easter, which is symbolized by flowers. Some of the traditional flowers that are used for Easter are lilies, which is believed to be grown in the Garden of Gethsemane, which is the site of Jesus’s arrest. Some other flowers include red tulips, pussy willows, daffodils, and narcissuses.
  • Beside the tradition of hidden sweets in the Easter eggs basket, there is also a tradition of giving goodies to the children at the day’s beginning. The most common gift is a chocolate bunny which is always a children’s favorite!

There is a holiday on the day of Easter but every country around the world celebrates it differently. Italy holds reenactments of the Easter story held in the public squares. In Cyprus, bonfires are held in the yards of schools and churches. In Germany, eggs are set in trees, known as the Easter egg trees and they are similar to the Christmas tree. The Slovakia and Czech Republic have several other unique traditions.


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How to work with Archangels Michael and Raphael to relieve pain.

Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael cooperate to mend physical pain that results from enthusiastic dread. Since your body, brain, and soul are complicatedly associated and work together as a framework, any dread you encounter results in worry to your framework that eventually appears as physical illness or injury. In this condition, you can ask for help from both of these incredible holy messengers to unite in helping you in healing your pain. Here’s the way to work with Michael and Raphael as accomplices for recuperating:

Seek Courage from Michael and Guidance from Raphael

Start by seeking help from Raphael and Michael that reflects each of their specialties.

Michael is a specialist in enabling individuals with valor, so you can ask or contemplate to associate with Michael and get the help which you need to defeat your dread.

Raphael is an ace physician who endorses only the correct treatment plan for individuals in agony. So you can contact Raphael through petition or meditation for guidance about taking steps throughout the healing process.

“Archangels Raphael and Michael work so well in tandem that their relationship feels much like a companionship. They genuinely supplement each other’s endowments, and together offer a relentless blend of intense healing abilities,” says Doreen Virtue in her book “The Miracles of Archangel Michael”. Despite the fact that Raphael is the head healing angel, it’s still important to  ask Michael to get involved if there is any terrifying situation”.

Identify which type of fear is contributing to your pain

By cooperation, Michael and Raphael can check your body and analyze precisely what sort of energy is going through your body. Any negative energy from dread might be the reason of pain you are in. Ask Michael to let you know that what particular sort of dread is the reason behind the pain you’re feeling. For instance, in case you’re feeling pain in your jaw, it might be from crushing your teeth at night during the nightmares. And Archangel Michael can make you free from the dreadful nightmares.

“Numerous ailments have an enthusiastic reason,” composes Richard Webster in his book Communicating with the Archangel Raphael for Healing and Creativity. “… Issues of this sort can be settled by requesting that Raphael enable you to comprehend the hidden explanations for the sickness. When the first reason is known, you can find a way to determine the trouble.”

Since it feels very unpleasant to suffer from pain, the dread you feel may basically be an immediate consequence of dealing with the pain itself. In that scenario, Michael can give you the peace you need for going through the healing procedure as Raphael leads you from venture to venture.

Michael and Raphael cooperate to help us in healing our pain; it’s not the situation when holy angels are involved,” says Eileen Elias Freeman in her book “Angelic Healing: Working with Your Angels to Heal Your Life”. At the point when the need for healing is very serious i.e. when somebody is emotionally troubled after the demise of a friend or family member, Michael’s help is a key part in the healing procedure. The great archangels can, in a metaphorical sense, spread their wings around us to protect us from the hurtful impacts that might prevent us from focusing on our healing”.

“Many illnesses are the reason of an emotional cause,” writes Richard Webster in his book “Communicating with the Archangel Raphael for Healing and Creativity”. Problems like these can be resolved by asking Raphael to help you in understanding the reasons behind your illness. Once the original cause is known, you can take steps to resolve the illness.”

Let go of fear to clear the way for healing!

The subsequent stage is just to let go the dread – and the other negative feeling that results from dread, for example, outrage or tension – so you can get the help for healing that Michael and Raphael will send to your way.

When you choose to let go your fear, Michael and Raphael can gather up the dread that has entered your body as negative vitality. “The chief heavenly messengers Michael and Raphael frequently work as a team to expel negative energies from places and people”, says Eva-Maria Mora in her book “Quantum Angel Healing: Energy Therapy and Communication with Angels”.

Mora recommends in “Quantum Angel Healing” to request Michael too, “Please come with his sword that is full of light in order to cut all the negative energies that are connected with people, places, situations, and objects”. While also request Raphael to send you his healing vitality for helping you to get out of your pain. “There are many individuals who have instantly got relieved from pain by following Michael’s intercession”, Virtue says in “The Miracles of Archangel Michael”. This is because most of the muscular and spinal pains are the result of dread based cords and negative vitality. When Michael expels these sources, it goes away”.

Raphael is likewise intensely compelling at calming pains of all kinds. “Raphael, as the lead celestial host of healing, needs you to enjoy great wellbeing rationally, inwardly, profoundly, and physically,” Webster says in “Communicating with the Archangel Raphael for Healing and Creativity”.

This is how you can help yourself and ask for help from the angels. Our items/products contain the symbols and designs that are based on the Archangels and are sacred. By wearing the products that contain the sacred symbols, you will feel peace inside your heart and mind. So, shop now and place your order.

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King Solomon: The Most Powerful Wizard of the 10th Century.

“The Goetia – The Lesser Key of Solomon the King”, written by Crowley and Samuel Liddell Mac Gregor Mathers, this book is a modern translation of the life of King Solomon. It gives the information of what King Solomon practiced in his life and how he used magic for building the “Temple of Jerusalem”. According to the masons who wrote this book, ‘high magic’ enchantment is known as ‘theurgia’ and ‘low magic’ is called as ‘Goetia’. The Greek word ‘goetes’ means “magi or wizard”. Hence, the starter meaning of magic says, “Enchantment is the most astounding, outright, and most celestial learning of natural philosophy, progressed in its works and brilliant tasks by a correct comprehension of the internal and mysterious ideas of things; with the goal that genuine specialists being connected to legitimate patients, unusual and praiseworthy impacts will consequently be created.” (Quoted from ‘The Goetia – The Lesser Key of Solomon the King’.)

However, according to the Templars, ‘The Key of Solomon’ contain all the names, orders, and the and workplaces of all the spirits (Jinn) that Solomon with together with the seals and character belonging to each spirit and the way [or Innvocation] of calling them forward to visibly appear”. Besides this, the most consecrated riddles were revealed to Solomon.

The five books or “Codices contains the names of spirits/angels, each one has its very own seal in four altitudes and in 360 degrees of the zodiac and in the level of each sign and planet for each astrological sign. These heavenly books were found in Chaldean (Hebrew tongue), by a Jewish Rabbi and were later translated into Latin and Greek.

From these Codices, a total of five books, “Solomon’s holy writings contains instructions, meanings, and the symbols of:

  • The Magical Circle.
  • The Triangle of Solomon.
  • The Hexagram.
  • The Pentagram of Solomon.
  • The Magic Ring of Solomon.
  • The Vessel of Brass.
  • The Secret Seal.
  • Washing and Bathing & Ritual Preparation.
  • Conjuration of the Spirits (Jinn).
  • Exorcism of the Spirits.
  • Enochian Ritual/Chants.
  • The 99 Names of God and the manifestations of each name or spirit.
  • A detailed list of (Day) demons and (Night) demons in Astrological order.”

Following are the delineations of Solomon’s illustrations and formats of the seals. Note, in the Jewish Qabalah there are 72 seals. Conventional Islam has a more right number naming the 99 names of Allah, yet the Jews utilize 72.

Photograph of Wayne Herschel.

Full-color Geotic circle and Triangle.


To close this chapter of Solomon we can see where magic originated from. It originated from the hirelings of God. Enchantment was given to them to do rituals and to assist mankind to develop and make a better world. Indeed, even Moses had a magic Scepter and he utilized it to part the Red Sea. The Prophets Ezekiel and Elijah likewise addressed these spirits and so did Daniel. (Read Bible) Ezekiel saw the wheels.

It is tragic that man has adulterated this power and the genuine riddles of God. Are we humans are not been corrupted by money or the greed we may have to create the ideal world.

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Biblical landmarks in Jerusalem

Besides its various distinctive qualities, Jerusalem is well-known for religious tolerance and its biblical landmarks. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism have come together in the capital state of Jerusalem, forming a distinctive mosaic of faiths and religious practices.

Along with the two monotheistic religions i.e. Islam and Judaism that call Jerusalem “home”, the faith of Christianity also holds a special significance to the great city of Jerusalem. The monasteries and churches present in the ancient city of Jerusalem, owned and run by various denominations, mirror the significance of the city to the world of Christianity. These sites attract thousands of visitors to the Holy Land of Jerusalem on  a annual basis. The Biblical sites present in the city are significant to specific Christian Catholics, but they serve the entire Christian faith.

Various chapels and religious sites are located relatively close to one another, making them easily reachable. From the Condemnation Chapel and the Chapel of Flagellation to the Garden Tomb, Jerusalem is full of churches, depicting the life of Jesus Christ. Mary’s Tomb and the Grotto of the Apostles, is not to be forgotten.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is believed to be the most important Christian site. It is the site of Golgotha (Calvary) where Jesus was historically crucified. Getting into the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is free for both Christians and non-Christians. It remains open from dawn til dusk and is a must-visit destination for anyone who’s on a tour in the Holy Land of Jerusalem.

Situated in the neighborhood of Ein Kerem, the Church of St. John is another significant biblical site to visit. It marks the birthplace of the scriptural Saint John, who was well-known for christening Jesus upon his ordainment to Christianity.

Also referred to as the “Basilica of Agony”, the Church of All Nations is located at the bottom of the Mount of Olives. This place is believed to be where Jesus Christ was seen praying for the last time before he was betrayed and captured by Judas and the Romans.

Last but not least, the Garden of Gethsemane, adjacent to the Church of All Nations is an amazing green spot. It is believed to be a garden of Biblical times. According to Christian belief, Jesus Christ and His disciples retreated to this garden after the Last Supper. Christ also gave his last sermon to his sudents in this garden.

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