Walking on the right way toward God

Sometimes we don’t know where the path we’re following will lead. At other times, we are aware of it but choose to follow it nevertheless.

Jesus says that there is a path that leads to life and there is also a path that leads to destruction (Matthew 7:13–14). The words of the Bible, Jesus, and the New Testament as a whole are designed to keep us on the right path that leads to God. But, how to make sure that you are on the right path? And once you’re on that path, how will you stay on it?

For knowing the answers of these questions and the ways of being on the right path that will lead you towards God, join us in the event “Walking on the right way towards God”.

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Stay Away from Sins

What is a sin? Everything which we do and knows that it’s not right is a sin. Sin is also when we disobey God, or when we do something that is against the teachings of the Bible. Reading, memorizing, and understanding the God’s words will help you keep your mind and heart focused on Him, rather than on the worldly temptations and you will stay away from sins.

Try to avoid places, things, and situations where you may be tempted to commit a sin. If you look at women lustfully, don’t go to the beach. If you have a drinking problem, avoid going to the bars. Jesus encouraged believers to “resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (James 4:7).

For more details, religious sermons, and for knowing more about ‘Staying away from sins’, Join us in our events!

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Always love one another & worship “The Lord”

Loving each other means you’re on the right path, the path which leads to “The Lord”. This world is full of selfishness and the temptations of this world make us selfish too. It’s very easy to be a sinner and to go on the wrong path as it’s easy. While following the right path, the path which Jesus has asked us to follow is very difficult. But, once you decide to follow the path of God, stick to it and stay away from evil. Always love the people around you because if you will love them, God will love you too. Worship “The Lord” and stay away from sins. For a sermon related to God’s worship, don’t forget to join us in our event.

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